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Who Is Salim Rana?

Salim Rana is a renegade (Ranagade as how Salim likes to call himself), an explorer, and a risk-taker. He is a man who doesn’t know the meaning of the word NO. This term does not exist in his vocabulary. For Salim impossible is just another challenge. His energy is infectious. He literally has the Midas touch and he is always able to turn things around in his favor. A true family man, he loves to be surrounded by his close friends. He is also someone who has been self-employed all his life.

Early Life

Salim was born in Kenya. His parents ran their business in the village of Sio Port. During primary school, he lived with his grandparents in Kisumu. Salim’s very first accomplishment in Grade 7 was coming 1st in Math in the Province Nyanza, Kenya. He then moved to Nairobi, Kenya.

A year and a half after moved to London, England and the another year and a half later he immigrated to Canada with his parents. He graduated from grade 12 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

At the age of 16, Salim managed to get a car loan in his name, which was typically only possible for those eighteen years of age and up. Also at 16 he managed to get another bank loan (from the Bank of Montreal) to get a private pilot’s license. Salim had decided to go to BCIT – British Columbia School of Technology.

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Road to Success Salim Rana

Road to Success

The course did not end up being stimulating enough for his adventurous brain cells, so he decided to drop out after his first year of college. He had already mapped out his goals and had a plan to achieve them. Salim borrowed $25,000 from his father and set up his own dry-cleaning business in Port Coquitlam, BC. His father was very supportive of this idea and comfortable with it being his first business venture.
The following year, he sold the business for a $50,000 profit. In the meantime, he purchased San Francisco Rags in Maple Ridge, BC. Here, he learnt the ins and outs of the clothing business.

His next venture was shopping malls, beginning this new business plan in Medicine Hat, Alberta. With Chrysalis, a women’s jeans store.

During this time, Nickelodeon was going out of business in Medicine Hat and Salim managed to buy it. The business soon expanded into Calgary and by 1986, Salim opened 27 Nickelodeons in western Canada.

In 1983, Salim became the first Ismaili to Go Public in Canada.