Salim created the first Computer Cash Register in 1981. POS or Point of Sale did not exist then. He configured the first cash computer register by combining the 1st generation of IBM personal computer with a 300 Baud Hayes Smart Modem and a Radio Shack Pen Printer.

The Computer Cash register was able to make sales, maintain inventory and do payroll. The edge that this technology gave him was that

i)He had an auto-transfer program that would transfer stock between stores.

ii)Excess stock sitting in different sizes would be transferred to stores where there was no stock in those sizes.
This advantage allowed him to open new stores rapidly. At the time, landlords were desperate to retain tenants as most retailers were consolidating or going out of business. Therefore, during that time, the landlords would normally build those stores or give Salim money to build the stores. The landlords would also give him six months of rent, free. All he had to do was fill the store with excess inventory from other stores and, had payment terms of 120 to 150 days with the suppliers.

This created a positive cashflow for the 120-150 days and, did not require any capital investment.

People were beginning to become curious about his business at that time. They wondered how this kid was expanding, when everybody else was consolidating.