Electric Supercar

Around 2003, Salim got into the electric Supercar industry. He met an inventor by the name of Chase Hubbard and they created a public company founded with other investors to work on building a Lithium powered electric car.

Around 2004, Chase was having issues with solving a heating problem with the Lithium batteries. Salim managed to raise a $1m for Chase to use in solving the issue, but Chase was not able to solve it and Salim ultimately had to fire him. After this setback, Salim built a brand-new facility of his own in North Carolina.

Salim hired a mechanical engineer from Los Angeles and an electrical engineer from North Carolina to begin his new attempt at creating the first Lithium electric car. By the year 2007, he had sold the first commercial Lithium electric car in the world. It was bought by an attorney out of Texas during a once in a lifetime contest, where whoever wired the money for the car at a specific time on a specific day won the opportunity to buy the first ever sold Lithium Electric Smart Car at an extremely discounted rate. Additionally, the individual who won was also given a chance to go to NASA for the launching of the Space Shuttle.